Middle UI/UX Designer / Product Owner

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Middle UI/UX Designer / Product Owner

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Middle UI/UX Designer / Product OWner

Function at head office
Bac +5 minimum
+5 ans
Who are we ?

Founded in 2000, LINAGORA is now positioned as one of the leaders in French free software. We are present in six countries and have approximately one hundred clients. We develop innovative software and advise and support our clients in their efforts to implement open-source solutions.

The number of our products and plans is growing, so we are looking for talent in the R&D team.

Since 2000, we have been developing open source, so it is important for us to see people who share our philosophy, create high-quality code, be active in the community, and do their best to create a high-quality open-source alternative to the products of IT giants.

You will become part of the Twake Workplace Team, this is an open-source digital workplace for enterprise and medium businesses, open-source analog for MS Team/Slack. Also you can work for LinShare or lemonLDAP.

The product is developed and supported by an international team based in France, Vietnam, Tunisia, Mauritius Island and Russia.  We will give preference to a candidate who has real experience to create well-known products. We like products of Yandex, Miro, Notion, Ecwid, etc.

What task await you?

  • develop a user interface and a unique visual style for various company products. You can be part of a team that is working on new products, but also be part of a team that is working on existing solutions that need updating ;
  • create effective communication formats with users ;
  • understand the business logic of the product, understand the functionality of the backend and offer optimal solutions for users ;
  • Thoughtfully and meticulously draw layouts, assemble prototypes and test solutions ;
  • participate in work on the product in close collaboration with managers and the design team ;
  • bring ideas and tasks to the intended conclusion, be responsible for their quality.
What we expect

  • think in numbers, not pictures ;
  • focus on the result, not the process ;
  • you will actively participate in the creation of the product, and not just in creating the design ;
  • understand how the design will influence user behavior ;
  • able to work in a fast-paced environment ;
  • get along well with developers ;
  • able to work both independently and in an international team with different cultural codes ;
  • know how to collect feedback using user interviews.

It will be a plus if you

  • you can briefly tell about yourself, your experience, show your portfolio
  • worked in international teams
  • have real experience in creating a real product with the opportunity to show your IT products and explain which part of them you were specifically responsible for and implemented
Skills / Experience

  • designer/middle of design with 5+ years of experience ;
  • skills in developing vision and strategy for global products ;
  • proficiency in standard design and prototyping applications (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma) ;
  • Strong sense of typography and layout and good attention to detail ;
  • awareness of good modern digital design and pixel perfection ;
  • good understanding of UX method (creating personalized, qualitative research, user flow, wireframes, interactive prototypes, etc.) ;
  • some experience and knowledge of working with printing is required ;
  • knowledge of HTML, CSS, responsive web design, etc ;
  • Experience with video, animation and motion graphics is a plus ;
  • A systems thinker with the ability to think outside the box and design for offline experiences ;

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