Senior Flutter Developer

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Senior Flutter Developer

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Senior Flutter Developer

Hybrid remote
Bac +5
> 4 years
Who are we ?

Founded in 2000, LINAGORA is now positioned as one of the leaders in French free software. We are present in six countries and have approximately one hundred clients. We develop innovative software and advise and support our clients in their efforts to implement open-source solutions.

The number of our products and plans is growing, so we are looking for talent in the R&D team.

Since 2000, we have been developing open source, so it is important for us to see people who share our philosophy, create high-quality code, be active in the community, and do their best to create a high-quality open-source alternative to the products of IT giants.

You will become part of the TeamMail Team, this is an open-source multi-platform (Flutter) application for reading your emails, with your favorite devices, using the JMAP protocol! The product was started in July 2021, we are available in the AppStore, and Google Market but only for SSO users. For the B2B segment via SSO. Availability for the B2C segment is planned for 2024.

The product is developed and supported by an international team based in France and Vietnam.

Your responsibilities

  • development of new features
  • custom modifications to suit the needs of current clients
  • code refactoring
  • code review
  • interaction with the design and business analytics department
  • participate in product design, offer new ideas
  • design and build applications for mobile platforms
  • collaborate with product and business teams to define our products that are suitable for the market
  • design and implement a mobile application for mobile platforms using new technology
  • work in a team, using AGILE methodologies, to deliver software on time
  • collaborate with other team members to ensure our team maintains high standards
  • support international teams in developing products to meet the client‘s requirements
  • keep up to date on the latest industry trends in mobile technologies
  • coaching the members of the team and attending to the interview process to scan the technical part

It is possible to participate in related company projects with a similar technology stack (Twake, Tmail, Calendar, internal integrations, user management and payment systems, and globally, TwakeWorkPlace).

Our ideal candidate

You have real expertise in mobile development, test writing, TDD, integration, and continuous deployment. You have worked on several Scrum projects and have shown particularly interesting velocity during your various experiences.

Required technical skills

  • 4+ years’ experience in mobile software development (Android, iOS, or Flutter) ;
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end services ;
  • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI/UX standards ;
  • Understanding of State management approaches ;
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools ;
  • Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications ;
  • Strong OO design and skills in Functional programming and reactive programming ;
  • Good communication in English.
Soft skills

  • Focus on quality results, not on process ;
  • Ability to work in an international team with different cultural traditions ;
  • Ability to quickly switch between projects ;
  • Interest in the entire product being developed, understanding that it is you who daily creates a product that helps people automate routine business processes ;
  • It is important for you to have as your goal the creation of a first-class product that is chosen by users for its convenience and simplicity ;
  • You are ready to be active and develop the open source community and participate in specialized conferences.

See you!


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